At Grace Church, we invite each participant to the Discipleship Pathway.  Realizing that everyone is at different places on their spiritual journey with Christ, we seek to offer a variety of workshop, seminars, and small groups that would appeal to a variety of different avenues for spiritual growth and development.

Workshops are typically one day gatherings that include both study groups and hobby groups.  You could learn about the New Testament, how to knit or crochet, or begin to familiarize yourself with the Bible.

Seminars are typically short-term gatherings meeting consecutively for the purpose of digging deeper into an aspect of Christian faith or theology or learning a new skill, craft, or trade.

Small Groups offer a the ability for people to join together for a 6-8 week study or social sessions.  Small groups provide a meaningful, ongoing, relational connection with other members and friends of Grace Church to provide community, support, nurture, and prayer.

Be sure to check out our latest 2017 GraceLink–Spring Term  and our weekly e-newsletter, GraceNotes, to see what Grace Groups are  currently offered and when they meet.

To sign up for a Grace Group, email Monica Lebsack at